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Web Design & Development Solutions for Edmonton marketing professionals

Our websites will provide you with a powerful marketing tool that will transform the future of your business. Artik Design is one of the leaders in Edmonton Web design industry as we have talented web developers who can create a customized website tailored to your needs. Whether you need a small site for your start-up business or a powerful website package for your organizations, we can handle it all.Thanks to our years of experience in Edmonton web development, we adapt every project to individual needs and budgets. We timely manage it, so you can get your return on investment as soon as possible.


Mobile & Responsive Web Design

The mobile era has arrived and by 2015 there will be one mobile device for every person on Earth. Make your business ready and design a responsive website with us in Edmonton. You are probably asking yourself a question “What does the responsive web design mean?’ It is an approach used to craft your page to optimal viewing experience for your customers. Easy to read and navigate with minimum of scrolling and resizing across a wide range of devices. It means we are going to design and create website that will have user friendly appearance from mobile phones, through tablets to desktop computer monitors.


Content Management & WordPress

Forget the times, when to update a website you needed to have a web developer. It was time and cost consuming. Our qualified group of Edmonton web developers can offer you a complete content management system, which will give you total control over the content of you website. All you need is a basic text editor skill and you will be able to change your own content, create events or even run your own blog. For all the above purposes, we use WordPress. It is a powerful platform with great features, which makes your updating experience very easy. What’s more, WordPress automatically will save every word you type, so you don’t have to worry, when your computer crashes or you run out of battery on your laptop. You can also publish wherever you are, using mobile and tablets applications.


Web Hosting

Creating a website is not the only part of the web process you need to take into account as an individual or organization. To make you site work for you throughout the 24 hours period you need to make it available to the public. You can do it by using internet hosting provider, who will lease the space on the server for your website and provide internet connectivity. For your peace of mind we can upload your site to our server free of charge. The only thing you will have to do is to choose the right package for your requirements and needs. We have listed all the packages below, but don’t hesitate to give us a call for further details or to arrange a meeting.

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